Bigg Boss Update : Bank and ‘Taksal’ task in coming

As we know Bigg Boss is always gives some tasks to inmates and we here it from host of the show Salman Khan has told in the weekend ka wow about the ‘Bank and Taksal’ task which is going to start this week.

About the Task, Jahannum side will become a ‘Bank’ in this task and they will start printing their own currency which they will exchange for food with the Jannat side. They will be get all the material to print currency. But they have to dye, cut into proper size and shape, dry them and then give it to the Jannatwasis in return they will get their meal to comsume. Now the Jannat wasis will have to be clever and price the food in such a way that the Jahannum wasis will have to keep making the notes.

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