Bigg Boss Update : The ‘Aamdani Athhani, Kharcha Rupaiya’ task has begin

Day 23 Bigg Boss announced to start the luxury budget task in house named- ‘aamdani athhani, kharcha rupaiya’ wherein the jahannum-wasis have to pay money. for that jahannum-wasis want anything from the jannat-side, they will have to pay them and buy all items whether its their food/ water to drink or hot water to bathe. they will have to give the first 500 notes they mint to the heavenmates as a safe deposit since they are also acting as the bank. Only after they have deposited the first 500 notes will they be allowed to buy food and other things to hellmates. The jahannum-wasis have the liberty to decide the prices of the things that are for sale.

After the task started, the jannat-wasis refused to give Armaan the breakfast, irking Gauahar and Tanisha who said that what they are doing is unfair.

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