Bigg Boss Update : Armaan loses his cool

Armaan Kohli who has became one of the most controversial contestants of ‘Bigg Boss 7’ hosted by Salman Khan on Weekend Ka Wow, loses his cool when new inmate Vivek Mishra speaks about his personal life on the show.

According to reports and cemara’s, we all know that Armaan is going close with Tanisha, no one inmates know in house of the fact that Armaan has reportedly been in a relationship with a girl her name was Tanya Singh. When Vivek Mishra, who has known Tanya for the last five years, tells Armaan that his closeness with Tanisha hasn’t gone down well with his beau, Armaan warned him and asks him to stay out of his personal matter. While reports suggest that Armaan and Tanya have been living in together for the last few months, the actor dismisses them as rumours on the show. “Agar engagement karunga toh seena thok ke karunga aur Hindustan ke saamne karunga,” he tells Vivek.

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