Bigg Boss 7: Elli Avram become captain of the Bigg Boss house

The ongoing reality TV show “Bigg Boss 7” which would enter Day 53 today, saw a lot of fights within the house during the luxury budget task called “Rajneeti”. It saw fights among the inmates be it the fights between Armaan and Sangram or Gauhar and Tanishaa. But all fights came to a standstill after the task got over.

The winner of the Rajneeti task was Elli as she was elected as the leader and because she won the task, Bigg Boss asked her to give names to the two candidates whom she wished to make the captain of the house. Not taking much time, she took Tanishaa’s name and her own name.

Being friendly to the other inmates in the house, Elli got the maximum number of votes from the inmates and thereby would be declared as the next captain of the hous.

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