Monica Bedi

Monica Bedi (Birth Date: January 18, 1975) is an Indian actress and companion of gangster Abu Salem. He used his influence in Bollywood to get her acting roles in Bollywood productions.

In September 2002, she was arrested along with Abu Salem by the Lisbon police for entering Portugal with forged documents. After years of legal battle, they were deported to India in November 11, 2005, after India promised Portugal that Salem would not receive death sentence.

On 29th September 2006, an Indian Court convicted Monica Bedi for passport forgery. CBI had filed a case against Bedi under section 420 (cheating), 120 B (criminal conspiracy) and section 12 of the Passport Act for procuring a passport on a fictitious name.

Bedi was acquitted of all criminal charges by a Bhopal court on July 16 2007 due to lack of evidence against her. Yet another case for possessing a passport from Hyderabad on forged documents in the name of Sana Malik is pending in a Hyderabad court. she is planning to make a comeback to films and claimed to be getting offers from both Bollywood and the Telugu film industry.

Although Bedi had grown up in Norway, she is not a Norwegian citizen. On 2005, her application for a residence permit was rejected by the Norwegian immigration authorities.

On 17 Aug, 2008 ,Monica Bedi joins the Big Boss-Season 2.

Monica Bedi signed a Punjabi film Sirphire

Actress Monica Bedi, who emerged from her controversial past few years ago, has now come back to her roots in Punjab as she has signed a Punjabi film, “Sirphire” opposite Bollywood actor Priyanshu Chatterjee (of the ” Tum Bin” fame). After...

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Monica Bedi signed a Punjabi film Sirphire

Actress Monica Bedi, who emerged from her controversial past few years ago, has now come back to her roots in Punjab as she has signed a Punjabi film, "Sirphire" opposite Bollywood actor Priyanshu Chatterjee (of the " Tum Bin" fame). After...

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After Rakhi’s swayamvar, its Rahul’s swayamvadhu

After wrapping up the televised betrothal of item girl Rakhi Sawant, buzz is that a similar swayamvar is being planned for her male counterpart Rahul Mahajan from Bigg Boss — the equally candid, gregarious Rahul Mahajan will be presented with...

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Bigg Boss magic on stage

Sanjay and Zulfi wants to recreate the Bigg Boss magic on stage. Sanjay said, “People who have loved the show will like the play too. I have spoken to Zulfi about it. I have told him that he has...

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Bigg Boss 2 : Wild card entry in Bigg Boss?

As the wild card entry is nearing, there are various names popping up. According to Buzz it will be Miss World Diana Hayden and villian Shakti Kapoor. There was a lot of talk that Monica Bedi may come back and a...

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Bigg Boss 2 : Sanjay is fulfilling his promise

Sanjay promised to help Monica find a flat when she had told him on the show about the difficulties she was facing in finding accommodation in Mumbai. Monica lives in Mulund and finds it very difficult and tiresome to commute Juhu...

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Bigg Boss 2 : Monica wanted to show the world that she is not a bad girl

Monica Bedi is the person who was evicted from the Big Boss house on 5th Sept. She was neither happy nor all that sad, though she confesses she did wanted to stay back, for a simple reason that she wanted...

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Bigg Boss 2 : Monica wants more time to clear up her maligned image

Monica Bedi, who has recently been voted out from the Big Boss show, is lamenting her departure, claiming that she did not get enough time to clear up her maligned image, as she takes time to open up. After being voted...

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Bigg Boss Season 2 : Monica Bedi is out from Bigg Boss 2

Monica Bedi is out from the bigg boss’s house. She was one of the house mate in the house of bigg boss season 2. She was beaten by Rahul Mahajan. After being voted out, Monica said, "I would like to thank...

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Bigg Boss 2 : Nomination of this Week, Rahul Mahajan and Monica Bedi

This week housemates has nominated Rahul Mahajan and Monica Bedi , so now battle for eviction is between Rahul and Monica....

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146 Responses to “Monica Bedi”

  1. Is it possible to watch BB2 in the UK?

  2. well monica……
    all the indians watever think abt but i hope you will deffinatly win the big boss 2 …
    my wishes are always with you….

  3. Really enjoyed JADE GOODY in show ….
    ashutosh & raja is….people started hating them .. debojit, alvina , ketki, payal is nice and people like them, monika, rahul, sambhavna – people enjoying watching them or we can say that people watching big boss to see monika, sambhavna & rahul.
    People are very curious watching monika…because of her past..related with abu salem
    Sambhavna is a lively character but people will soon get irritated by her attitude.. it looks like every time she is trying to copy RAKHI SAWANT…
    RAHUL is the most lively character of the show, may be Rahuls eviction will affect the TRP of the show.. rahul is like ravi (bigboss 1)..he win or loss but he should be there till end, else there will be nothing to see bigboss 2, after rahul eviction this show will become boaring … will be a flop shop..
    Ehsan kureshi is non sense … cant make people laugh…dumb man…

    and ya ..arshad warsi…i enjoyed watching arshad…cool approach and what a sense of humour..i became fan of arshad after bigboss-1;
    shilpa is a looser…she is doing show off only in bigboss 2..people not enjoying watching shilpa in bigboass 2 at all…a dumb host

    …. this ppl should change the host, they should call arshad back to rock the show

  4. Hi monica
    we understood yr. Problem. Wish u win and clearyour image. Rahul aur monica ke bina show . Jusl like tasteless. So pls retain them at last.

  5. monica bedi u suck.u shld be ashamed of urself to be with a man who put our country in such pain…..such a shame that u get to strut urself cryin n behavin like a victim finally on national telivision…….congrats u loser

  6. i agrree guys plz change the host shilpa sucks

  7. y does everybody want this gangster’s moll, a criminal to win the show just coz she is
    shedding crocodile tears come one guys its not tht she was kidnapped by salem she was
    living with him to use his film contacts ppl who want her to win shuld consult a shrink

  8. Monika I Know that you suffered a lot with him. But Monika you were not a kid at that moment when you decided to go with him. But I know That few times things go wrong. And these one are not in your control. You never try to do that what happens. Any ways Waheguru Avde Jawakan Da Sath Har Time Denda wa. Tu Bas Chinta na kar bas wahe guru japi chal te tu hi jitana wa. koi gal ni rab de agge aapan jawak hi hain te hamesha rawange. Jawak Jinni marji wadi galti kar dawe ma pyo kadi wi ohda saath ni chade. tu hi jitana hai.
    Wahe Guru Ji DA Khalsa Wahe Guru ji di Fateh.
    Jo Bole So Nihal Satsri Akaal.
    IK Omkar Japi chal Rab Sath jaroor devega.

    Big Boss As Monika gets out (if The fortune is not with her) or if she wins then plz forward this message to her. I heartly want she wins

  9. hii dheraj…gosh i am soo glad somone thinks like this…i mean its ridiculous and like a slap on the face off all indians….all des people who are supporting her am sure havnt lost anyone to the terrible 93 blasts……its astounding how some people can be moved by somone who is as fake as monica bedi..

  10. jo bhi monika ne kiya usko uski saza mil gayi.galati insaan se hi hoti hai aur jo bhi uske baare me anaap shanaap bol rahe hain woh khud kaun sa doodh k dhule hue honge.kisi k baare me kch bolne se pehle apne girebaan me jhaanke dekhna chahiye.she z so sweet yaar jo hona tha ho gaya ab to baksh do usko jaan leke choroge uskiiiiiii aur usko khud apni galati ka pacchtawa hai ab aur kya kare wohhhhhhhh………..n ofcourse she’ll win da game

  11. pls vote for Rahul Mahajan, both monica and mahajan are looking very nice

  12. Why you all people want to save Monika,she is a killer of many people,how can you forget 93’s blasts.She was not a little child at that time,I just want to evict from the show…!If you love your family(Nation)then you must not forget the past….If you are not doing so then you will called “DESHDROHI”

  13. Ha ha ha …

    Monika bedi was responsible for 93 blasts… r u guys crazy .. demag kharab ho gaya ??

    she only has 2 cases against her … for passport forgery .. and i think it was really unfair for police to keep her in jail for almost 2-3 years for passport forgery, especially when trail was pending… I think she should have been realeased on bail long back ..

    i still can’t believe some crazy loosers think she was responsible for 93 blasts …. i think such people only know thing in life … crib

  14. Hey

    Its real pleasure watching Monica and Rahul.

    I am sure whoever wins still Monica and Rahul will be remembered for sure.

    I wish both of them all the best for achieving all that they desire for in their personal and career fields.

    If they are destined to meet and enjoy happy married life so be it AMEN.

    The understanding they have is good may GOD shower more and more happiness in their LIFE.

    The emotions which they display are totally human so lets enjoy the show and support them to the fullest so that they emerge WINNERS.

  15. dis is to MONICA..
    I’M HATING her now. Previously i liked her so much in the show. But now after she’s being paired up with Rahul and she knows dis will effect her image at the moment. Being so aware about it, still she moves with so closely. If she looks at him as a friend (thats wat she reveals in Big-boss) i think she has to maintain some distance as Payal does. But u find something else cooking in. Monica is not being real. She looks fake now.

  16. Really enjoyed JADE GOODY in show ….
    ashutosh & raja is….people started hating them .. debojit, alvina , ketki, payal is nice and people like them, monika, rahul, sambhavna – people enjoying watching them or we can say that people watching big boss to see monika, sambhavna & rahul.
    People are very curious watching monika…because of her past..related with abu salem
    Sambhavna is a lively character but people will soon get irritated by her attitude.. it looks like every time she is trying to copy RAKHI SAWANT…
    RAHUL is the most lively character of the show, may be Rahuls eviction will affect the TRP of the show.. rahul is like ravi (bigboss 1)..he win or loss but he should be there till end, else there will be nothing to see bigboss 2, after rahul eviction this show will become boaring … will be a flop shop..
    Ehsan kureshi is non sense … cant make people laugh…dumb man…

    and ya ..arshad warsi…i enjoyed watching arshad…cool approach and what a sense of humour..i became fan of arshad after bigboss-1;
    shilpa is a looser…she is doing show off only in bigboss 2..people not enjoying watching shilpa in bigboass 2 at all…a dumb host

    …. this ppl should change the host, they should call arshad back to rock the

  17. hii monica i love u… really u r so cute…i like u very much…. i wish u to god u will win this bigg boss2….but plzz dont keep relationship with rahul or anyone… keep them friends that much….than only u can win this bigg boss2.. n don’t remove u r maik….

  18. dont behave like innocent u r not u vil not win

  19. HI,
    First of all i will congrets Ashutosh to win MTV rodies 5.0. There are some peple they are in race for final like Monica, Rahul, Syed Zulfi, Ashutosh as in asending order. But everytime rahul is trying to pe a politician, Monica she is speechless and over-react. The realting which is going on with Rahul will effect her image. We know she is typicall innocnet, so still she have to prove that it means. Bcoz it does matter.
    Ashutose is taking this show like Rodies, he needs to improve how to intrect with people. We all know that he is not a celebrity. He belogs to a town which is in UP. and hope next eviction will be Ketki and Ehsaan.

    Its real pleasure watching Bigg Boss 2.

    Best of luck to all!!!

  20. hi everybody,i like monika in bigboss the most.i didnt like rahul.if monika goes i didnt watch bigboss&my friends too they all are voting.but if monika goes from bigboss house.we never see this serial.we have emotions with monika.monika is a nice girl.rahul is doing politics&doing flert with monika very much all the housemates are voted monika because all know the public is with monika.&they want to be that rahul be gone.&after then payal will be gone but not monika.plz bigboss help us……we will voting monika.plz help us to get out rahul from the big boss house.if monika goes then it should me clear that this is not real bigboss.last time bigboss is real because all want to be rahul win&this time audience want to win monika no one win another person…….
    monika best of luck we all are with u………

  21. Dear Monica

    I am not interest in that any other Indians whatever think about you but I have trust in you that you are not wrong in Past & Present. I think that your misuse by any other person in past. I hope you will defiantly win the big boss 2. My best wishes are always with you.

    Wishing you.

    Kishor Kansara

  22. see, to vote monica or not is not the matter, matter is that All of us are wrong somewhere, so how could we blame a particular person like Monica…. ,,, Monica was in love at that time and i think when we are in love with someone we never think that what is wrong and right. I would like to request everyone who has given their comments above that they should forgive Monica no weahter they vote for her or not.

  23. i m happy she vil be out dont waste vote 4 here give 2 rahul pls

  24. hey monica our wishes r wd u…we tryin 2 vote u bt voting lines seems closed…!!

  25. Monica ur kool and ur such a sweet person..u remind me of bani frm kasam se…
    anyways I support u..I hpe u win big boss 2..

  26. monica u r doing gr8 wid ur innocence bt b aware of sambhavna as she’s playng al sorts of tricks. i hope dat u may win. v al r wid u n v luv u…

  27. Monica,,,,i dont support u at all bcoz the reason is simple….wat u hav done was rong and u wer not a kid that u cond’t see that u wer doing rong….with ur actions u hav brought disgrace to ur family and now your parents are faceing the problems and are ashamed of you….and look now wat u r doing in bigg boss???????Let me be very honest wid u….u cant win bigg boss,that is for sure but it wud be better if u stay away frm Rahul bocz he is just flirting wid u and it will b better for u if u just not fell in his trap…..wat i feel is that he just wants to use you….hope u wont repeat the same mistake again….gud luck….

  28. hello monica,
    we like you and you are a very sweet and innocient girl,sambhavna is a very cheap girl,she cheat you but don’tworry, we all are with u,May you win BIGBOSS-2, BEST OF LUCK.

  29. She is not fit for this show. she is a bloody killer

  30. monica deserves to win shilpa shetty rocks and evict rahul out of the show……..

  31. feeling sorry for her as she will have to go on friday

  32. hi, monica i like u watching in bb2 … u look so sweet and cute i want u to win bb2 and u really deserve to be the winner god is with u…………………!

  33. monica talking very slow so we cant here her

  34. Monica was leading the underworld.A females has to be very cunning to do that.Now her true colors are out.

  35. i feel we all do mistakes!! big mistakes that do hurt people none of us r god’s!! whatever happened with monica is a bad incident if she wants a new way of life i wish for her to get it! y should se possses the mistakes of her lover! she shud get a new life !! anyway votes r against her m sure she,l b evicted!!

  36. monica fikar na karo babaji teray nal han. jithay inia mushkal wichon kad dita uthay bigg boss jitna tan niki jahi gal hai.main jalandhar da rehan wala han jadon vi tu free howain gi mainu phone karin. mera no 9815765947. please bigg boss & shilpa my message gave to monica.

  37. ……u r out…… i am shocked……. but dont worry.. be happy… u r very sweet

  38. I m very much sure that u will be back as a wildcard entry….! there is no way that u will be out so soon n so early…
    wanted to see much more of u…

    So organizers…plz give her an anothe chance otherwise…BB2 is going no where…!!
    Plz b back as a surprise entry..!

  39. Monika i m very Happy u have been voted Out.
    u r Fake.
    told not get enough time to clear up…How??????u can tell ur story thr Rakhi n Rahul to public…WITH MIKE(y u removed ur mike why u want hide ur negative side).but very smart hmmm didnt say anything in Bigg Boss but Published ur half Fake story in People magzine.Mna gaye minika man gaye how Fake u r.

  40. u said i need money uhh uhhh uhh(crying on camera)….great hmmm u having car,leaving in good apartment,how?????from wer u got money ?ask them importence of money to whom lost their family in bomb balst …suffering for one day food,,havnt real house(what u said CHHAT rt),Monica just go n ask.and do somthing for them instead to cry of public…Janta bevkoof nahi he

  41. monika god did unfair with u but i pray to god that your life . that it should give u happiness and nice friends who ever will tell u wrong i wish they get a life which u had to see 1st… now forget it and enjoy ur life..

    see ya
    ur my favourite

  42. Monica Plz cum bak ur the best..evry1 makes mistake and I bet all u guys that are ill talking bout monica hav made mistakes man u guys are cowards 4 talkn bout her..she wasnt responsible for wat dat guy did..soo I think u guys shld stop judging her ..god bless u

  43. Monica must be brought back as Monica and Rahul are the real attraction of this big boss reality show………..they must be their……once Rhaul is out there will be hardly any attraction in the show……Leon, Guwahati, Assam.

  44. I don’t think Monica is so innocent. A girl who knowingly tours with a terrorist is not so innocent. Know as his time is bad Monica left him and is trying her luck in bollyhood. She never can be a heroin or a lead in movies. In the house she was very camera conscious. She trying very much to act as innocent and bubbly.
    Let us wait and see what happens to her future.
    Anyhow i wish her a hard luck.

  45. meri pyari behen main tumhare sath hu kyuki mujhe aisa lagta hain ki jo bhi tumse hua anjane mai hua aur ek ladki hone ke nate mai samjh sakte hoon ki koi bhi aise galati jankar nahi karega aur main un logo ko bhi doshi nahi manti jo tumhe doshi mante hain ho sakta hai ki unki nazar main tum galat hoon par mai tumko galat nahi manti kyuki pyar mai har koi andha ho jata hai jo hua so hua abb aisa koi kam mat karna jisse tumhe phir se shurminda hona pade main har roz tumhare liye prathna karti hoon ki tumhara khoya hua maan tumhe jaldi wapas mil jaye

    yours lalita pls big boss give my number and my message to monica 09760590966 i love u monica

  46. hi monica u r sow sweet ur nice
    very beautifull

  47. hi monica,

    u r simply stunning……..i m sure u’ll get in big boss house in the wild card round…….bt plz be away frm rahul .he is very cunning………plz dear………….plz dnt even b his frnd………………..bye………..miss u……..

  48. hI

  49. Monika Bedi ji

    Dont believe in groupism okies..Have a nice time now.

  50. I didn’t see the episode in which she was evicted

  51. hi monica hope u could remain in the bigg boss house and sambhavna payal ketki , ashuthosh specailly bhaia raja would fight with all ths raskals i really like u u and rahul look cute togther hoping to see u both together for life long all the very best for your future

  52. monica bedi i hate know that payal and rahul love each other than why are u trying to be close rahul.leave them.

  53. fake face

  54. Hi
    Dont use my country second time. get out of here.

  55. no comments

  56. monica abu gaya to rahul ko phansne ki taiyari kar li.waah dimag ho to tere jaisa.koi na koi murga mil hi jata hai tujhe.jhooth mat kah ki tujhe kaam mil raha hai desh ki janta tujh jaise gaddar ko nahin dekha chahti

  57. two face

  58. Agar rahul bahar gaya to bigboss ka market 99% down hoga.

  59. Rahul is qute person.

  60. monika jaisi deshdrohi passport me name change karnewali gaddar ***** ko to is program me lena hi nahi chahiye tha. paise ke liye Ab rahul ko phasane ja rahi hai.

  61. monica ke abu salem ko likhe letters zee news par dikhye gaye jismein usne apni third marriage annywarsary par use wish kiya hai.tumhara jhooth khul chuka hai monics ki tumne kabhi shadi nahin ki,ab rahul ko apni bholi surat se bhi nahin fansa sakogi.big boss main bhoolkar bhi dobara mat aana we all hate r ****

  62. Aunty Lagtee thee

  63. Hi Monica I like yiu very much so i want u to come back in the show .

  64. Hi Monica I like you very much so i want u to come back in the show .

  65. hi monica,
    You seem to be very simple and dowm to earth. I like u very much. V forgive u for your mistakes. Be happy and reply me back if possible. I hope u come back in wild card entry. Bye……………… take care

  66. Yay monica is back in the wildcard entry..that shows howmany pple Luv u..
    we forgive yew your gonna win big boss muwah!!

  67. hi u do good job and wish u a good luck for re-entered

  68. payal ja rahi hai to rahul ne ise bula liya ab ye uske sath milkar kapde dhoyegi.rahul ko to koi na koi chahiye hi.ise bhi koi paise wala chahiye gangster ho ya drug addict kya fark padta hai paisa to dono par hi hai.ab ye fir raat ko uske sath ek hi blancket main soyegi.

  69. hi good luck monica think u or rahul is winner this house so best of luck both of u .

  70. Hi,

    I hate Monika because she supported a big criminal.

    It is big bad luck of India what Our channels support criminals and their supporters.
    Monika Bedi is one of the criminal supporter. Abu Salem who wants to destroy our nation. Abu(A big dog) killed lots people in India. He destroyed many youths by drugs and still Monika LOVED him and stayed with him for more than 6 years. Now she speaks that I did not want to live with him but she stayed for 6 years. Now she try to make very innocent. Monika supports/supported him.

    I strongly opposed Monika Bedi in show. I have left to watch Bigg Boss when Monika got entered in house.

    I request to Channel please drop out her or she should not win this game.

    Whenever I see to Monika on TV. I bless to god for all the bad lucks to Monika Bedi.

    I do not want to give single penny to Monika.

    Bad Luck Monika Bedi.

  71. Shalini

    You are amazingly stupid…. Just wondering why people like you should be judging if someone is guilty and criminal. What happened to judicial system and law?

    Why do you even bother about Monica? If she has done something wrong, law will punish her. If you don’t like Monica just stop watching big boss. Just remember she came back into the show because people of India wanted her back

    and hey you said – “Whenever I see to Monika on TV. I bless to god for all the bad lucks to Monika Bedi.”

    But you stopped watching big boss after monika renetered the house. so how do you still see her on TV??? can’t understand. You wish bad luck for her. that tells a lot about your character 🙂

    also ” I do not want to give single penny to Monika” – ahhhhh……… I was not aware you will be paying for winner’s prize money in Big boss and that too after you stopped watching the show because of monica


  72. not a bad girl like the people think her of……she seems cool….

  73. Hi monica….i like u n ur beauty.
    U were looking GREAtttttttttt in that blue coloured dress wic u wore on navratri eve while playing garba.
    Hope u’l win. b aware of that playboy[RAHUL]

  74. hey monica you are so sweet….. may god give you everything you want in your life…….. i just wanna tell you only one thing that dont leave rahul mahajan and be with him till the end of show because i am sure that you both will go till end…..

  75. hi monika , u r d most loving person in the house. please rahul se dur hi rehna. he is not a good guy.i bless u in ur happy i have never seen a person like u. u r the beauty of the biggboss house…take care…byeee

  76. raja is d best ever n now what i think is that rahul n monica should not live here anymore n continue their stupid love story outside

  77. Hi Monika,

    Rahul is like Chameleon. dont trust him.

  78. Hello Monica
    Allah app dono ki jori salmat rakey. pakistani awam app k ley dua go hai. app bohat kubsurat lagti hai Rahul Bahi K saat

  79. hey Monicaaaaaaa…………

    do u love Mr. Rahul…?

    I think he was not in Good.

    Take care..

  80. monica tum jitni khoobsurat ho utni hi chalak ho kyunki tum raja ke saamne achayee ka khel khelti ho taki woh tumko nominate na kare peeche uski burai karti ho tumhe to india ke bahar phek dena chahiye tum ek number ko jal saaz ladki ho tabhi to tumhare saab aisa hua tum insaan kehlane ke layak nahi ho na kisi ki hamdardi ke

  81. tum ne raja aur rahul ki dosti isiliye karvayee taki raja tum ko nominate na kare main player zulfi, rahul aur tum ho jo tusro ko nominate karne ke baare mein sochte hai pehle mujhe bhi lagta tha ki tumhare saab na insaafi huyi hai but ab lagta hai ki tum har shadi shuda aadmi ke peeche pad jati ho kyunki ye tumhara style hai aur tum paise ki lobhi ho tumhara koi character hai hi nahi

  82. Monica is only genuine person in Big boss. She does not bitch, does not lie or pick up unnecessary argument with anybody

    I hope she wins. She is definately most deserving

  83. monica aakhir apne rang main aa hi na karte aakhir rahul ke paas aa hi gayi.use to koi na koi chahiye hi.gangster ya drug addict se kam isko chalega bhi nahin.agar is se pahle galati ho gayi thi to ab galati nahin karti.lekin pahle bhi isne sab jaankar kiya wahi ab bhi kar rahi hai.rahul ke paise ke peeche hai ye.har waqt usi se chipki baithi rahti hai.agar wo kabhi kahega bhi ki sabke paas baithte hain to bahana lagakar use akele main hi bitha leti hai.

  84. it is shame for our country if Monica is going to win this Big Boss. Jisko shaamil hi nahin karna chahiye tha, woh jeet kaise sakti hai.

  85. Monica mujhe tumhari surat aur seerat dono se nafrat hai, jitni jaldi ho sake yahan se bhaag jao.

  86. Monica is totally fake….. she pretends to be goody-goody but she is not….she is using Rahul Mahajan to not get voted out each week
    She should go out of Big Boss

  87. Monika you are gud for nothing and very cheap
    you shud behave at least in a show where u are in front of camera

  88. i m sathish choudhry plz vote for monica bedi & rahul mahajan & raja choudhry Thankyou

  89. monika y u so involve with rahul .u know something he is not a good guy, y u not realise, this is second time come out of it very soon other wise its too late and no one can spear u for ur second mistake. u win the bigboss finely.

  90. i think she should go back 2 the jail she is so bad she sucks

  91. i think sonu is right about monica

  92. inder i think you should read news paper more offen

  93. you are just wonderfull…. very very genuine person

    i like you attitude after ur re entry. iam sure you have astrong chance of winning BB

  94. Monica U rock ….

    u r a gem of a person. we are big fan of your style… Also you are the only genuine person in the house (After Debo)

    Please do not get upset by reading bad comment by some frustated souls

    Don’t worry…. Shit happens

  95. magarmacha aansun par mat deshdrohi hai. dont vote for her

  96. monica tum ko to dub kar mar jana chahiye tum ek number ki chalbaaz ho raja aur ashutosh ko tumne eh keh kar nominate kiya ki woh log planning karte hai tum kyun raja se bhik mangti ho mujhe nominate mat kar you bitch abu salem ki kept tumhe to is duniya mein kya upar bhi jagah nahi milegi

  97. Monica is the best ………… superb

    truly enjoyed u in th show

  98. hi people monica is such a stupid she says that she does not know that what is abu salim and she got married to him, well i think that all the inpecter had gave monica the chance to go in bigg goss house to know about abu salim more

  99. don’t worry dear jo bhi apse hua kisi se bhi ho skta hai..apko ehsas h yhi bhot hai.i m from haryana or hum sab apke sath hai.insan koi bhi galt nhi hota…………..god bless of luck..kbhi bhi ye mat sochna ap akele ho..okkkk..

  100. Monica came to bollywood long back. She served different directors on bed. Then also she didnt got any movie. Then she decided to take help of some gangster. She slept with Abu Salem, and with his powerful status in bollywood she managed to get some films. She lived with him untill he was powerful. But once the Abu Salem’s life took U-turn she left him, saying she even didnt married him.

    Aisi charitra heen ladkiyaan sirf paise ke bhooki hoti hai. Apni sundarta kaa fayda ye paise kamaane ke liye karti hai………I hope she should be thrown out of house. Now she wants to be with Rahul as he is rich and character kaa loose hai, isliye its very easy for her ki apni aadayon se use fasaa lena.

  101. She is fake. Initially I thought that she was a victim of circumstances but I think she is worse tha Payal. She is with that sleazy Rahul Mahajan to avoid getting evicted. What a looser you are Monika. Go back to where you came from, you don’t deserve to live bw genuine and honest people.

  102. monica, i feel you have been hungry from so long. most of the time you have been seen eating only on TV.

    Khane aur bakwas karne ke alawa tumhe kuch aata hai kya? kyun big boss ki TRP gira rahi ho.

  103. Great job Monica

    Loved the way your confronted that stupid Diana. You are simplyyy superb and i can bet you are going to win the show


  105. Monica,you are wicked women.You are criminal .People who like are dumb assholes.Wake up guys .Stop praising bitches like monica she is beast in beauty.She is Just after money.

  106. One point i forget to mention.If we read all the blogs .Only Men are praising her.They are all after her beautiful face .Few men are like that .They go licking like dogs behind beatiful women

  107. ohh god! this bloody bitch really sucks…..khane aur bitching ke alawa usse kuch nai ata ..
    i cant believe itne ghatiya ladkiyan bhi exist karte hai..uuff….god ! throw her out of the show.she really sucks

  108. hie monica…….here’s amrita frm varanasi………hey well i just wana say a bit…………u r so sweet….n i wish u r gonna b the winner……but dis all games depends on the destiny…………………….
    hey i would seriously wana meet u once……n wud like u to invite in mah town………………………..welcome…do mail me….. ur well wisher…

  109. hey monica i like you where much i vote for you and plz reply

  110. Monica.. you are a true gem … winner for sure

  111. Monika you are simply superb..dont give any dam to any xyz…coz u know u r right…moreover for your kind information Rahul wz after monika…..intially she wz attached with Rahul then suddenly she went off frm the house…why the hell bludy Payal came in betwee n now wen monika is back rahul is again wid her it proves he wz just playing wid monka…whatz harm i lyking somone…harmful is to creat problems for other….I have never ever seen doing Monia n Rahul any kina bitching….though they are very good friends….it shows friendship is aprt but play fair….they both r so genuine n playing so fiar…God Really bless them….. I think Rahul should be the winner.

  112. sorry i wanted to write he was just playing Payal…ever after know the reality dat he is close the Monika..why she tried to get close to Monika.

  113. hey…. monica,… u r realy so sweet.. i wishe to win the biggboss………

  114. I agree with Vijes. Monica useless is only eating.

    I hated her from first and now I even hate her more after she was bitching about Diana. Monica tum Diana ki Juti bhi nahi ho.

    Please go back to Jail. Ideal place for u.

  115. raja ne bada sahi naam diya tujhe,rahul ki modern maid ka.tu hai bhi isi kabil.rahul tujhe bahar jakar dekhne wala bhi nahin hai.waise agar wo tab tujhe maid bana le to ban jana kyunki koi aur to tujhe is post par bhi nahin rakhega.waise maan na to padega rahul ko tune khoob pataya.dekhne main lagta tha ki ra tujhe pata raha hai lekin haqeeqt ye thi ki tu use apne hath se jane nahin dena chahti thi.payal ko kah rahi thi ki agar usmain dignity hoti to wo itna kuch dekhkar show main wapas nahin aati,kya yahi baat tune khud se kahi thi.waise payal tujhse to kai guna behtar hai us se teri tulna hi galat hai sorry payal

  116. Why are acting lke a small kid, innocent and sweet,,,,,,don;t do so,,,it looks fake !!

  117. i hate Monica…..she is totally fake person…..she has no values…she is taking undue advantage of Rahul…looking at her past which is the worstest…i feel she is just playing with Rahul and even if they continue with their relationship outside the show it will be just for MONEY which Rahul possess…….

  118. be shame of yourself MONICA……….u r such a fake person……i HATE u!!!!

  119. if MONICA wins the show it will be Abu Salem’s support to her ……… otherwise such an fake person can never ever wil a show…………..i hate her……..

  120. i hate u……..what ever u r doing with Rahul is just for MONEY……i have hunger for MONEY…..u r cheap

  121. how can people think u r CUTE……u r SHIT……i HATE u….

  122. hey fake girl….if u don’t want Rahul to be there in ur life as u always say to him..then why r u being at his side always..sitting with him….sleeping on one bed…..eating with him……u r a miserable person i have ever seen…….

  123. girl who has stayed and slept with sooooooooo many goondas…espeically Abu Salem…how can RAHUL trust her……….even he is playing game with her……both of them are playing shit game just to win the MONEY of the show……
    bloody DOWN MARKET

  124. Monica — when you dance you look really cheap and like chutney style. To your own mind you think you are so beautiful and you even said to Zulfi that Debo must have got evicted because he doesn’t have the looks. Your face looks like the south-end of a north-bound cow.. think about it..with those thin lips. You were brought up in Norway, but your accent is like a class..that is why you choose people like Abu Salem an unpadh INDIAN PEOPLE KILLER and now Rahul..a drug addict..and person of no character..PAYAL is upright and classy. YOU ARE NOT UPRIGHT and definitely downmarket..only cheap people can vote for you. I hope you are evicted this week so there can be some ‘clean’ atmosphere in Big Boss. You spoilt Abu Salem’s life and now you are planning to spoil Rahul Mahajan’s life. YOu are a person who cannot live without a man. After suffering so much with Abu Salem, if you were really sincere you would have stayed away from Rahul Mahajan..but you need a man don’t you.. to use his power for your own benefit..since you have ABSOLUTELY NO TALENT OF YOUR OWN. Pls go back to jail..we don’t need you out here causing more trouble. An innocent and straightforward girl like Payal has suffered because of your cunning ways…you cheap cheap cheap thing..

  125. Monica is the true winner of biggboss . No other is as deserving as she is.Rahul is getting votes for he is concerned with politics.Please vote for monica.Let her not be evicted this week…



  127. bhai log tum sabhi kaise kaise serial dekhte ho aut comments bhi dete ho. yaha hi
    jo bhi mamber sare k sare low quality k hai chahe wo b.b.2 k director kyon na ho please bakara ke program mat dekho and ache programe dekho bhai. enjoy karo kahe ka tention lena kable dena sikho jo big boss karta aaya hai

  128. Hi Monica, i thought ur re entry in the big boss will be changed ur life. but today when i saw u r evicted that is just because of ur mistake. now india public know how big tongue u have, we all saw ur right attitude. i think u r hungry for some big fish like rahul mahajan. i knew that this week definately u r evicted. u said that in ur life u have struggle lot, that is because of ur attitude. u r not so innocent the way u showed in big boss.

    i think u r hungry for the food and we feel that in ur life u didn;’t get good food. u blammed others (diana) for hiding milk but what u were doing urself is more dirty than others.

  129. Monica , I have a highly regards to you, you are a brave girl & your are a example for who is struggling in their life, do not upset, “ANE WALA KAL APP KA HAI”, pl provide your Email ID.
    I think Rahul is good man , he must be win BB2.

  130. u r not that innocent as u show u r!!!!!!
    u have worse hunger for money……its goood that u got evicted…..u r surely not good candidate to win bigg boss

  131. U R A FAKE PERSON…………….

  132. Hi, Monika,

    Don’t mind the what happan in the past. u r the most loyal person to win this game but now u r out of the biggboss’s house. its so hard to me. but i really appriciate your efforts what u dont in the just ago. and specially all know whats your past but now go further on for your career and happy life. i m really missing u and i want to meet u in my life one time too see u ?????

  133. U r hot 🙂

  134. Hi, monika

    ur Very good , its game so some one will win the show its no meanig you are fake whatever people are saying dont feel it
    u was playing just game you are normal girl thats why you r in out of show so
    be confident . in your life so already faced few problem so dont worry this life you should face problem in life ok best of luck Dear
    Realy you r the best

  135. Hi Monika, i thought ur re entry in the big boss will be changed your life.
    Monika you are simply superb..


  137. monika is just bull shit…, she wants our sympathy with her crocodile tears..
    she is “Deshdrohi”, she was with a terrorist yaar… don’t be just mad and vote her…

  138. Passports addresses are not even verified these days. I had to pay bribe sitting in the Inspectors room, Bara Babu’s Room. When i said that i know the IG, shud i ask him if this is a correct process, he straight away said- what if u r caught, wine is poured in your mouth, taken to a thana and beaten?, i said common , take it aesh karo. Forged passports can easily be gotten, the people who are in the duty of verifying does this job. The whole country knows it. Why are they not taken behind bars. They issue more than 20 passports or more each-day without even verifying just for the extra money. And for a single incident like that Monika was behind bars for more than two years. Two Years passed by… so are her tears crocodile tears? What do u have to say??

  139. monica wasnt in the lead of winning the bigg boss title at all she deserves wot she was getting bfore enterin the bigg boss house.
    she is jst a fake girl who is now after pocketing bigg boss money if she doesnt get that rahul mahajan’s money is ready for her to welcome her on red carpets.

  140. Wish u the very best in the future…..

    I know you are going to worship him now on….
    you are the luckiest that such a wonderful person…gave you a place in his heart…you are luckiest..

  142. monica bedi…. terrorist’s accomplice….didnt remain faithful to the terrorist too…its good that manipulative RM left her…and if she is hoping for movies at 35…high hopes!!!! she shud be thankful she is still not in jail, not embarrass her parents further…and lead a meaningful life of social service, in order to truly be sorry!

  143. Hi..Monica..
    How are you ?
    I m your big fan..
    i m happy to see u in Big boss..
    i hope are you are happy..and lets enjoy..ok
    i like your nature.i like your attitude,i like to talk with u…
    i want leave with u…i promise i dont hurt u…i never crack your heart..b’coz u are my destination..i want share my all moment and and sweet memories with u and all things also..finally say I LOVE YOU…..are u accept or ignore me..i dnt knw ..but i love u..all times all things all moments..bye cya tc best of luck for your future.god bless u

  144. Monica Bedi is a cheap sl*t! Thodi bhenji type ki hai. Actually should say aunty types coz she is not dumb at all infact she is ultra cunning. We know wht she did b/w Payal and Rahul.

  145. Very nice site!

  146. Very nice site!

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