Rakhi Vijayan

Rakhi Vijayan Actress Rakhi Vijayan, who played the airheaded Sweety in Ekta Kapoor’s long-running sitcom Hum Paanch. Rakhi Vijayan spoofed on Ekta Kapoor in Money Hai To Honey Hai.
Ekta’s protective brother Tusshar Kapoor became upset with this spoof.

she married her boyfriend Rajeev Tandon (actress Raveena Tandon’s brother), but filed for a divorce soon. Now busy resurrecting her career, she has just signed Raj Kanwar’s yet untitled film, which stars Rishi Kapoor, Hema Malini and Rekha, though sitcoms remain her first love.

Rakhi will also be seen in Rohit Shetty’s Golmaal Returns, Ganesh Acharya’s yet untitled film starring Govinda, and was seen in Kumar Mangat’s Money Hai Toh Honey Hai starring Govinda and Hansika Motwani. Rakhi has also launched her own production house and is looking forward to produce some shows for television.

Rakhi Vijayan joins the Big Boss-Season 2 on 17th Aug 2008.

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  1. hi rakhi how r u i like u very muchhhhhhhhh plz dont go out of this show

  2. rakhi looks like bandariya with makeup 🙂

  3. hi rakhi i like ur work in hum pannch and i am ur gr888 fan plz dont go from this show

  4. rakhi dont act like a politician and why r u compelling monika to join rahul. leave her alone. i think monika have no feeling towards him. and u also try use less RED COLOUR on your face, u looks ugly.

  5. I hate Rakhi Vijan Because Ilike onlt Rahul Mahajan and Monika Bedi.But I don’t want to make one

  6. she is shit girl she look so ugly dont enter in any realty show

  7. rakhi i used 2 watch hum paanch wen i ws little..honestly i think u played the role of ‘dumb’ quite well..its not much different from the way u act normally..the cute n bubbly act did nt wrk in bigg boss bcz u r actually not remotely related to anything ‘nice/pleasant’..at least try n hv sum decency on a show wer every1 can actually monitor ur every move..u mite b very proud of hw u r but lemme tell u one thing..ur so pathetic tht in spite of doin all the shit with tact, u simply forget abt cleaning urself of the mess u made..n so u wer left embarassed wid dat silly sheepish smile of urs wen pooja grilled you like cheese on tht aakhri salaam 2 u..n seriously, if ur life is already tragic, try 2 c y it is like tht..u will be amazed at discovering hw u played a key role in it..JAISI KARNI WAISI BHARNI..in short, u suck

  8. Hey rakhi U ROCKS…..u were simply supereb…yes, we were little upset when u were suggesting monica to be a GF of rahul mahajan.But else were fine….U were the most liveliest person in BB’s house…we want to see u once again through wild card entry…

  9. all the best in ur life. God bless u. wish u a happy and dynamic life.

  10. I think she is very cunning and clever. Jisne Bigg Boss pe friendships todne ki planning ki to woh ghar pe kya karti hogi. I think she acts like a vamp and is better out of the show. If she comes back bigg boss 2 will be another saas bahu like show. Dear Rakhi tumhare jaane se ghar ka vaatavarn kafi suhar gaya hai. Baahar hi raho.

  11. I thought she was cute. She turned out to be a bitch. Looks are deceptive!

  12. u luk dumb ………………… plz don’t usz make up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. rakhi

    we still like u coz even though u were through ur tough period of life but still u have the lively energy. u live the life in ur way (taht is very cool) i like that.

    please remain the same in life.

  14. hi rakhi
    u were my favourite in hum paanch…
    and i watched the telefilm named “HUMKO ISHQ NE MAARA” just coz of u…
    and i really loved u watching after 8 yrs in big boss…
    but i was really really disappointed when i were eliminated…
    and to be very honest i dont want to see u again in big show not becoz i hate u…just coz i dont want to see u losing the show….
    love ya…

  15. rakhi u luk realli ugli yaar ….and i don’t wanna c ur ugli face agian in dis show …..soo plzz stay home ….

  16. 4get to tell u 1 thin …..u luk such a bandariye with make up

  17. Hi rakhi

    You were good in HUm Paanch. here you were not so adjustable.

  18. Hi Rakhi plz cum bak 2 big boss.Atleast u were straight up and sam wnt stnd a chnce against u..sam shld be evicted..anyway u and monica shld cum bak!!all the best LUv sonia

  19. rakhi pls dont come again.we dont want to see u and monica.u started groupism this was hot right.we all hate u.achchha hi hua jo tondons ne tumhen bahar fenk diya.

  20. Rakhi u done a role of bloly pimp in the show between Rahul and Monica i also comment that u r best for sucking so try it. ok

  21. u r the ugliest lady i hv ever seen on tv.

  22. ouh rakhi …………… i found you great in Hum Panch…………… i dnt know why u looks like cartons in makeup which u use in Big Boss……………… ouh God i was happy for ur nomination………. while when i come to know u r also joining this show i was happy so that i could found that sweety………. but i think it was just a character u played did not match ur personality.


  24. ur a fooooooooooollllllllllllll

    I have regularly seen your programme. I can say with confidence, that only person who deserved to be big boss
    winner is shri RAJA JI . He has portrayed the figure of Dharmendera ji, who has always been in the heart of the audiences, but has never won any trophy in his active career. HE WAS THE ONLY MANLY CHARACTER IN THE BIG BOSS SHOW. I am proud of the fact that he contnued to be in the show till the last day. Only because he did not
    get the audience poll on last dAYy HE WAS DCLARED DEFETED. IT is shame on such a programme , which is not concerned about the feeling of millioin 0f people. I really appriciate Shri Raja JI’s behaviour & his guts to behave like a man on Shri Sanjay Nirupam’s party. What ever He did was natural . I am workiong with Department of Atomic Energy for the last 34 years a very senior position. I have never seen the unjustice being done, with any man to such a level. I know , that my letter of protest will not be given any importanmce, but still I am writing this mail, specially for media people who have mentioned Shri Raja Ji as A JANWAR.

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